classes start at $20 a month

B2M Hamilton Summer Camp Performing Arts

REGISTRATION for Summer Camp 2019 is now closed! See you next year!


We are excited about and looking forward to, yet again, another wonderful summer with our campers. Below you will find some important information about your child's week at camp. Please read through everything carefully and do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.


Camp Hours:

Extended Morning Care: 8:00-9:00AM (Extra $10/day)

Sign In: 9:00-9:30AM

Camp Starts: 9:30AM

Camp Ends: 3:30PM

Sign Out: 3:30-4:00PM

Extended After-care: 4:00-5:00PM (Extra $10/day)

Grades: JK-8

Your Campers Day: Your campers day will begin at 9:30am with flagpole (which will consist of our opening exercises, songs and announcements). Campers will then rotate through 4 performing arts sessions which will include music, drama, dance and craft lessons. Included in the days activities will also be group game times where campers will come together as a group to play cooperative games and participate in team building activities. Closer to the end of the week, time will be allotted for rehearsals as the campers prepare for the Variety Show. Your campers day will end with flagpole and closing exercises until 3:30pm. Day plans will be posted for everyday of your child's week at the entrance so parents are well informed of our planned daily activities and special guests.

Variety Show: All parents and family members are invited to attend our Variety Show on Friday at 2:30pm where campers will have an opportunity to showcase some of the numbers rehearsed during their child's week at camp. All campers are expected to be picked up following the show on Friday.

Variety Show Outfit: On the day of the Variety Show we ask that all campers come to camp wearing dark bottoms (preferably black shorts) and white top (preferably t-shirt).

Pizza Day: Tired of packing a litter-less and peanut-free lunch every day? Well Thursday is Pizza Day. Order your slices and drinks before Wednesday of your camper's week to ensure your child doesn't miss out on our Pizza Day lunch! Pizza slices & drinks can be purchased in the morning when dropping off your campers during sign-in Monday-Wednesday ONLY. Cash will only be accepted.

Extended Morning Day Care: Need to get to work early? Need to drop off your campers before 9:00AM? Extended day care is available from 8:00-9:00AM for $10/day and 4:00-5:00PM for $10/day. Both together would be an extra $20/day. Please send us an email requesting the days you will require extended day care in the morning and we will send you an invoice for those additional fees.

What to Bring:

Litter-less peanut-free lunch (We do not guarantee a peanut free environment.)

Comfortable clothing/runners

Snacks and drinks

sunscreen (eating lunch outside etc.)

Late Fee: Due to our low fee and zero registration fee it is essential that parents and guardians are cooperative with regards to our sign in and sign out policies and procedures. Sign In is from 9-9:30am and Sign Out is from 3:30-4pm. The doors to our camp WILL NOT be open until 9am sharp. Our counsellors are busy preparing a fun-filled and safe day for your campers prior to 9am and are not responsible for supervision. Campers will not be allowed into the facility prior to 9am and supervision will NOT be provided prior to 9am. For every 15 minutes your camper is picked up late you WILL be charged a $15 cash late fee. This fee is due to the counsellors at the time of pick up. No exceptions!

Sign In and Out Policies and Procedures: During registration you should have already filled out the names of anyone other than yourself who has permission to pick up your child from camp. Should this change at any time, you have agreed to provide in writing to the camp director the names of anyone allowed to pick up your camper. All persons picking up your camper should have their photo ID out and ready to be shown to the sign out persons at the end of the day. Please inform everyone that has permission to pick up your child of this policy and procedure so that there are no surprises or delays at the sign out table at the end of the day.

Refunds: Due to our low fee and zero registration fee, there are absolutely no refunds. No exceptions.

Camper Code of Conduct: At B2M our mission is to create a welcoming, supportive and encouraging atmosphere for ALL of our campers and participants. Please review the Camper Code of Conduct with your child to ensure that your camper understands our behaviour expectations during the week.

B2M Camper Code of Conduct

All campers should practice the following behaviours during their week(s) at the B2M Performing Arts Camp to ensure a safe and enjoyable week for all. At B2M Performing Arts Camp we have a zero tolerance policy for any disruptive, disrespectful and dishonest behaviour. Camper that fail to comply with expected positive behaviour and practices may be dismissed from our Hamilton summer camp programming for the safety and wellness of all campers and staff.

Campers should be:














Campers should all:


try their best